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Welcome to Capital Area Real Estate Solutions

…a refreshing option in real estate! As agent and broker, we represent more real estate services to assist you in making what is probably the biggest investment in your lifetime! We’ve been helping clients for over 30 years in real estate, building and renovations. Most recently over 14 years in houses for sale‚ mls, buyer representation‚ home consultation and property management. We are professional realtor specialists and professional construction specialists as well.  We show you a BETTER WAY! We are also certified in Condominium and Association Property Management‚ to bring your due diligence to a new level that other real estate agents don’t know about! WE DO! We can inspect and breakdown a home to let you know valuable information for your decision to sell, remodel or buy. Other realtors just don’t have the extensive knowledge or experience to make it right.  That’s why we’re A BETTER WAY!

Why not choose the person who Better serves your interests? We’ll give you our knowledge, experience and commitment to do it A  BETTER WAY!          

We serve Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady Counties.
Our initials say what we’re about…

JohnG Capital Area Real Estate Solutions!


Ask for a free home inspection checklist with every home consultation!

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The Right Stuff

First‚ we look to find the SOLUTION that is right for you‚ based on the information that you provide. We listen to you! We don’t use the Hollywood style real estate tactics…

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Second‚ we have a dedicated team of long standing experts in the field to help you through the complexities to reach your goals. Whether you need an attorney‚ accountant‚ engineer…

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Third‚ we are also experienced in building homes‚ renovations‚ home improvements‚ maintenance and more. We know how homes should be built and how to maintain them…

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